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"Meeting YOUR Specialized Needs"

Block Design

The most critical part of any design is the block design.  This initial design determines everything about the operational constraints as well as providing the baseline for determining the projected cost of a system. 

The block design is the basis for which everything is built upon.  The following are just a few of the aspects that are considered in a block design:
  • Vehicle Separation
  • Headway (Design vs. Scheduled) 
  • Throughput
  • Schedules - Time tables
  • Theory vs. Actual
  • Worst case vs. Best case
  • Civil curves and the affects on the design
  • Operation curves

Our experience in block design includes over 30 years of industry experience.   Whether your need is for the initial design or a verification, we have the experience and tools to meet your block design needs. 

Contact Niche Solutions today for your next block design need!
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