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Meeting YOUR Specialized Needs

"Meeting YOUR Specialized Needs"

Design Verification

 Application and system design checking is a critical part of any design.  Identified herein are two different types of circuit checks that should be performed on every project.

The Functional Design Check:

     The Design check in this role is that of whether a design will work as intended.  This is often the position of either a lead engineer when working with multiple engineers, or an outside consultant checking designs submitted by contractors.   The important part of this position is that the checker needs to understand the whole design to in order to know whether the design will work per customer requirements.   This is critical when accepting the design in order to prevent future rework or delays in the design.

The Safety Circuit Check:

     The safety check is often required to be performed by a non-project involved party.  This is key check in any vital design, as an engineer involved in the project design may overlook a safety mistake for function.  Vital design is a critical part of the transportation industry as this the basis for safety in signal control.  

Our team of design and safety checkers have over 50 years of experience in vital design checking across various major suppliers.    

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