Meeting YOUR Specialized Needs
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"Meeting YOUR Specialized Needs"

Signal Systems Design

Our team focuses on meeting the specialized needs of signaling through consulting, system design, and project execution throughout the country. 

Having a team of experts, Niche Solutions provides results that focus on customer satisfaction. Focus on the customer and the completion of the project are key for success.  All project opportunities are evaluated, quoted, and completed by the same design team.  This allows the continuity of the same team to be involved and accountable in your project from start to finish.

Niche Solutions team provides experience and expertise on every project. The following outlines some of the key skills and qualifications that make us a desirable choice in wayside signal design in transportation industry.
  • Pre-Supplier System Development, Design & Verification
  • Signal Block Design (Design and Verification)
  • Design Checking (Independent Safety and Design Verification)
  • Wayside signaling design 
  • Relay and/or Microprocessors of various suppliers

Experience goes beyond the supplier products to provide the best designs and solutions customized to your needs.  

    The signal design team consists of a signaling experience and knowledge base in vital design of well over 100 years, and over 1000 years with our local face to face relationships in New York alone.

    As larger companies are more situated to managing projects, our team built to support those companies, by focusing on the delivery and meeting the needs of those companies.

    Contact Niche Solutions today for your next signaling project need!

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